Renoise Professional Eq

the ONLY REAL pep-pEv I have at the moment is the EQ’s in Renoise.
there NEEDS to be a at least one EQ with at least 3 slots with variable band,gain and Q amount.
the “EQ 5” and “EQ 10” are static and sound TOO much of A metallic tone regardless of the samples or vsti used.
this would definitely help keep Renoise on the Production level as apposed to the Hobbist level.
I have to render my tracks and load them into Fruity or Logic just to get cleaner results…and I HATE THAT!!!
Renoise is the best thing that EVER happend too me.
but like the other trackers im left half ass.
I swear by Renoise and Logic.
but the EQ in fruity KILLS them both.
WE NEED to build an EQ the DESTROYS BOTH the two.


Sorry, don’t agree at all.

Renoise devs, should, IMHO, focus on the host not on effects.

There are a lot of professional VST effects out there.

For, eq, you can try posihfopit. (You can change skins, btw.)
It’s one hell of an eq. And guess what… it’s FREE!

i agree with ermi but i think native devices could have some very unique
possibilities/features especially in terms of cpu resources.

so maybe host and fx got the same priority ( i think this would be fair ) ;)

i think too that higher priority should be on host and not DSP effects

Nice thread - I’ve also felt the lack of some good eq’s in Renoise (being used to the built-in ones in Cubase SX2, which in my opinion are pretty good). I’m not being satisfied with “EQ5” and “EQ10”, and also feeling a bit distracted using “Mixer EQ”. So some suggestions on nice (and CPU-friendly) VST eq’s is nice. :) I’m gonna try that posihfopit-thingy (what a crazy name for an eq btw… ;)).

i second ermi, you can download some free VST EQ, i hope there are some good around. i use “Q” EQ line from waves anyway, cos renoise native is quite useless…

i hope renoise developers invest their developing time wisely : ))

nyquist! :yeah:


There is only one answer


And you won’t touch any other EQ ever again!

Nice thing is, you won’t need any other Filters ever again too, just build your own and automate all its parameters, and this in Stereo, for each channel seperate. Try to beat that! One of the best investment i ever did!

I agree that a decent EQ should be bundled with renoise – but nothing fancy! A simple, 4-band fully parametric EQ would suffice. That means:

[left channel]
Center Frequency (0hz - 20khz)
Q (0 - 3 octaves)
Gain (+/-12db)
[/left channel]

[right channel]
See left channel
Channel link toggle
[/left channel]

The 5 band is worthless.
The 10 band is okay, for some purposes, but it should be stereo – one of the best uses of graphic EQ is to create stereo spread effects.
The “mixer EQ” is worthless.

I also think we NEED to be able to collapse plugin GUIs… scrolling back and forth over stuff you don’t even need to see is annoying, and a decent stereo EQ would require a LOT of space. =)

  • Eric

I used nyquist eq as well.

But Posihfopit is THE free eq. Actually, I’d say it’s better than half of the commercial eqs.
And it’s not even finished yet.

I was about to make a topic just about it, but now you already know, so…

Here’s the topic at KVR, which can tell you more.

Then, there’s also Masterfopit, but it’s still beta/buggy. I don’t think it works in Renoise. Last time it crashed.

For the commercial plugins… I like GlissEQ, for its nice features and all.CPU consuming, tho.