Renoise projects

Renoise could have a project interface. The project allows you to open multiple songs at the same time. There is a master mixer including an assignable cross fader and a cue for headphone monitoring. There are new meta controls in the song that send and receive controller data between the song and the master project. There is a set of meta controls in the master project that you can hook up the to the new song meta controls. There is an ordered song playlist with the same pattern sequencer controls to loop sections of a song.

Maybe this has already been suggested? Thanks!

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I`d prefer an Life-Interface, able to play 2 or 4 songs at one time, with the ability to crosfade them, sync them & that DJ-Stuff ;)

I’ve always thought about something just like this for old XM songs. It would be cool if Renoise had something like this but I think people’s computers might explode with the all the DSP and VST going on, etc.

I have numerous renoise projects… the file names all end with .xrns :lol:

I’d always opt for something like this or this

Multiple turntables, multiple computers, multiple instances… and a mixer.
So, if this suggestion was to become reality, I wouldn’t like see it happening in the main application but rather in some sort of inbetween (a “mixer” application)

Ok, that makes sense. I’m just starting to have some success with running multiple instances and some midi sync. Everything I’ve tried so far is working pretty well.