Renoise Q&A : B Complex

hehe it’s effected muted guitar actually :) out of the vsti

thank you :) , vocals in Sandworm are sampled off the awesome Finnish trio (i believe) Varttina - hope I spelled it right. The question of drums is a bit harder to answer, it’s not just using some samples, it’s usually a bit more complex process of treating breakbeats, layering them and processing it all together… if you really want to have “good drum samples” for style like drum&bass you need to get a bit more into processing samples I didn’t see any really usefull samplebank so far tbh when it comes to this
the middle eastern instruments are off Children of dune soundtrack if I remember correctly (hence the name :)

lol @ hair question :) I would say that if some girl likes me despite of my hair it’s a true love :))

Nice, only recently discovered this thread. Would be good to see other renoise producers doing this in the future.

'lo Matus,

You mentioned you sent your first demo out around 2002, how long was it before you received positive responses or did you get interest straight away? - have you got any tunes from around then that we can listen to?

What’s the best tip you could give to new producers? or is there anything you know now, that you wish you’d known earlier on?

How long do you usually spend on tunes?

Favorite breaks? or do you not use them that much?

What kind of processing/effects do you typically use on your vocals, or at least in beautiful lies?

Strangest sample you’ve ever used? :P


Hey I was wondering:
what plugin did you use to make the bass in Beautiful lies? Its beautiful yet so dark!
By the way, I especially love the part of Beautiful lies where the speed slows down :)

Heya, I too was wondering about how you treat your drums. Could you give any more detailed insights in how you approach it with the techniques you just mentioned, if you have things that you find yourself doing a lot?

Also, I was wondering what the best approach would be to get anywhere with a label? I’m fairly new to any online self-promoting ways (but not totally clueless on the subject either) and not even sure if putting your stuff out there for everyone to hear would be the best approach either…?


Does anyone know where the vocal sample in Beautiful lies comes from? And what language it is :)? Just curious.

This track is absolutely amazing btw.! I love it! When I first heard it it did something that doesn’t happen that often anymore with today’s music: It totally blew me away! :)


Mmh, it seems Matus is not answering anymore :(

hi …

i am confused, is this b-complex who has written one of the most juicy d&b songs in 2009, beautiful lies?

if so … lemmeh hit it with some questions. (i haven’t read all answers as you’ve written alot :P)

so you were in the ‘tracker scene’ and also in the most known tracker channel called #trax. i’m there (and still) since 97 what was your handle back then?!

if you mostly use renoise, are you actually mastering your songs on your computer or are you mastering them with
real hardware somewhere in a studio with split wavs for every channel?!

you’ve written that you’ve started with not much knowledge about music. ‘beautiful lies’ doesn’t sound like you don’t know much.
how much time have you spent to improve this?

are you sampling alot or use alot of vsti synth’s ?

do you still hang around the tracker/demoscene or check some of the tunes here and there?

have you listened to d&b netlabels back in the days?

and well, do you actually remember some names / guys from this scene?

you’ve written that it’s easier nowadays getting in touch with labels. how much easier is it and how many times have you tried
to get yourself heard by these labels via soundcloud?

and last but not least, is there any chance to get to remix one of your songs? like, we all here using renoise, should be doable ;)

this shows how massive renoise is <3

not so much as questions as more kudos for some tracks i checked on youtube and really liked!

one in particular : amazon rain!

am almost levitatin’ on that track when it’s qlimaxin!

Sorry Guys,

the thread was quite inactive for some time and then I didn’t check it afterwards, but feel free to ask anymore questions I will answer them later

  • I won’t quote previous questions but i’ll try to answer one by one

about the beautiful lies - I prefer not to say where does the sample come from, not really because of copyright but I think it’s nice if people try to find out themselves
and see what the guesses are , I’ll just say, that it doesn’t really sound much like the original - I cut bits i liked and used them my way, a bit like using drum hits from a break

  • about the drums, there is no simple answer to this, I usually combine breakbeats and main single hits, what I often do is to take a breakbeat and play with it for some time,
    sometimes it doesn’t need much treatment, sometimes I apply all kinds of effects on it , resample and cut again etc, so I’ll just give some general advice here because there is no real “how to”
    it differs from case to case -

take your time, don’t expect to have your magic drums after 5 minutes, listen listen listen - you need to know when it sounds ‘right’ or be able to hear what is wrong with the drums, this needs
experience and practiced hearing - and naturally you need to have a monitoring system on which you can rely on - I was using headphones for some time thinking it is good enough, just to find out later
with decent speakers ( tapco s8 ) how much i missed, and now using adams a7 i can actually process midrange knowing what’s happening - so hearing, experience and good monitoring is very important

processing wise, i like to smash the drums with some guitar emulating effects, or heavy compressing, what I really like is marquiss compressor, which has dry/wet ratio, i usually send all my layers
of drums into this equaliser on send, and adjust dry/wet so that i have processed sound but still having transients from the original finally - EQ is your best friend, but sometimes if the original
is lacking certain frequencies, you will need to use layers … for layering very important hint - tune the drums,just find the pitch when it actually blends

about the labels, I suggest too, to wait until your music is on a level when it is worth releasing, when is it ? hard to say, but if your buddies will tell you it’s good , it doesn’t necessarily mean it is,
i personally had my periods when i felt like the king of music , just to find out later how foolish i was :) , the thing is, if you get the attention of your favourite dj or label, and your music is not really
on the level, unless there is some major potential hidden in the track you will most likely end up labeled as a bad producer and it might be difficult to get the attention for your music again
if start the contact, just be civil, dont be too pushy, dont be too impatient, if someone didn’t check your track in 10 minutes it most likely means he is busy, if you keep asking if he did , you will just annoy him
if you actually want to have some working contact, don’t just send the track but add a message to it, introduce yourself etc, even if you spoke to the guy before, he might not remember you and it’s nothing personal,
imagine how many people must be sending music to the labels nowadays

about soundcloud - i think it’s a great thing, but i dont really have much experience with how effective it is , personally i prefer facebook for being in touch with people and its easily connectable with soundcloud
btw :)

I usually use vstis my favourite is definitely z3ta that’s where most synthy sounds come from including the bass

I stopped using #trax when it pretty much died on ircnet, i was weirdly connected to the module scene when i was a kid, because we couldn’t really afford internet back then, but we had a computer games mag, that included
some scene music on it, and we developed a small slovak scene around this mag, because we could send our music there as well , it was called Riki and there was a guy Ivo Ninja who was giving feedback to the music sent,

guys i remember and admired back then were people like Thunderbass, Jay, Kom’ah, Kaotix, Armadon, Madmax, Dynamix, Sonic etc, groups - RBi, Explizit, Destiny, Dementia, I was shortly part of the Rewind Music crew, mostly dutch folk, and my handle back then was Lenin

I know this may be too much to ask but do you happen to have any xrns files you like to share. Nothing commercial, maybe something you stopped working on or gave up on. Like just like learning from peoples production so I can learn some tricks. People don’t share xrns files these days anymore.

Obviously not going to help with getting one from B-Clomplex but:

Check out the competition forum, generally quite good for sourcing xrns files ;)

Latest Dead Dog Renoise Competition I run, and am currently uploading the vote pack, has an xrns included for each of the four entries (although it’s not compulsory that people do so.)

Well, apparently he already did that : Acid Trip + Squelch, Mp3s And Xrns
Unfortunatly link is broken :(

The problem with sharing xrns is that its hard to be compatibile if you use vst plugins
Maybe ill try to make a track using only internal fxs and samples and release it for free remixing
Will depend on my free time tho so not promising anything except that ill try :)

Matus, that would be amazing! I think I would benefit tremendously from getting an inside look at how your beats are done!

This actually brings about a new question: Are your drums done in Renoise natively or also via a plugin?

This is awesome. I might learn something interesting. Don’t hold back.

Hi Matus,

When you are remixing do you use any other programs to time stretch vocal tracks? or do you just cut them up at their original tempo?

This is probably the one issue that I have with renoise, I like being able to do everything with one program.
Also keep up the great work, I really liked your mix for broken beats podcast, I found a lot of great music through it.


The problem with sharing xrns is that its hard to be compatibile if you use vst plugins
Maybe ill try to make a track using only internal fxs and samples and release it for free remixing
Will depend on my free time tho so not promising anything except that ill try smile.gif

Bump! :slight_smile:

Would be really great to see the way you work. It doesn’t have to be a whole song, a small snippet would certainly be appreciated as well!

10 years later and I hear this song in the top 1000 songs on a Dutch radio station (placed somewhere in the six hundreds)…and…wait a minute…that one “aaaahhh” sounds so familiar…could it be that I finally figured it out? @B-complex, how did you manage to cut those vocal pieces out without capturing the piano as well? Am I on the right track? :wink: