Acid Trip + Squelch, Mp3s And Xrns

Hiya guys, I’ve released these tracks few weeks ago on Zardonic Recordings for free, I was thinking today and I thought that source files may be usefull for some of you who are using renoise, I would also like to give out respect to oldskool trackers that were inspiration for me when I started with fast tracker long time ago, this is the way that helped me to understand trackers and learn techniques and of course steal samples from xD so enjoy… <-- mp3s… <-- xrns files

long live the tracker scene :slayer:

oh yeah feel free to rip samples patches etc but don’t ask me to send you plugins if you miss some please.

Wow, sick tracks!

Thanks for sharing.

Pretty heavy, pretty awesome.

have no fear, you know who’s here!
too bad you released the xrns of squelch publically… now i don’t feel special to have it anymore ;)

didn’t know acidtrip up to the present. the track fluently suits into the series of unadulterated dnb splendidness one is used to when you hit the pattern editor. too bad you’re even more of a plugin whore as i am… i never even heard about Echomania and EchoLive! : ]


I like!
This is really professional sounding

Link seems to be broken. Is there any possibility to upload that again? I would love to see how you do your amazing tracks!

Searched all my Renoise Mods and unfortunately don’t have them :(

I’d like to listen to it, too. But links are broken…

I was hosting the xrns’ on a subdomain alexstrain was letting me use.
Looks like the domain has expired :(

I’ll see if i have them somewhere and upload.