Renoise Rappers?


As a huge fan of underground rapmusic, I’m very interested in hearing what kind of rap-music results renoise is capable of producing.

Altho I’m already convinced Renoise would be the ultimate breakbeat-creator in the right hands!

Any “BT”-wannabe’s out there by the way???

(HUGE BT fan)


i produce underground and used renoise to make these beats… i would appreciate some feedback……_afterbirth.mp3


im in the process of making my first rap tune for a local artist. its very brek beaty and kinda old school. cant provide a link, but if any one wants to hear it ive got an ftp with my tunes.

downloading your tunes now oatmeal


CHariots of Fire…dude i like the way this one flows, i aint no mc but im guessing this one would be quite easy to rap over, does get a bit repetitive though

Ant in the afterbirth…this is smoothe, better than the other one by far. again repetive but these arnt finished yet right? this could have the bass boosted a bit.

just my thoughts

aye and where did u get your beat samples from, i need to build up my collection!


God DAMN!!! Where the hell did you get these samples???

Listenin to ants right now… thats a PHAT snare!!! and the base drum aint that bad either, sounds very “live”! hehe the melody aint too bad either :) Damn, make some dope lyrics and i’ll be listening to this alot.

Checking out your chariots now… not bad, not bad at all :) cute trumpet by the way hehe this one does get a lil repetitive… maybe change some of the chords now and then, other than that, i love the beat!

again, very sweet drums!

keep it coming…

ps: what sample pack did you get these sounds from?


pretty nice beats

I’m missing some base in the “chariots of fire” tune. It seems a little “thin”. Maybe you could find some plain bass sample and enhance the current bassline. I would also suggest that you use the equalizer to make the sound more “full”.

In “ants in the afterbirth” you use a Vanessa Mae - Classical Gas sample wich you have chopped up some and then reasembled in another way. Only thing is that you hear the gaps pretty well. Maybe you could experiment with some delays and reverbs to mask these spots.

I’ll finish off with a little tip that will come in handy when you make hiphop beats and stuff. Buy some rap single that includes some kind of “vocals only” or acapella version. Use that on your beats to see what it might sound like if you actually had an MC flowing over you beats. hehe. I have the “Ghetto Superstar” single with Pras and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. I have used those vocals on countless tracks. :) Takes some time to timestretch the sample to get them in the right BPM… (Maybe not very usefull but it’s fun.) :D

dufey and Damien: The drums in Chariots of Fire would appear to be sampled from Wagon Christ - Piano Playa Hata. (Not sure if the mr. Vibert had sampled them from yet another track, though ;)).

Nice work, both tracks!

thats a very old and known breakbeat being used countless times before. cant tell you where it originally came from, I am too lazy to look for it :)

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet sample page with sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet hip hop samples

hip hop samples

oh and not only hip hop by the way they got all kinds of samples and it’s all free, FREE i tells ya, HAHAHAHAHA!!!


uh… yeah :unsure: