Renoise Rappers

The biggest difference to an MPC is that an MPC is all about laying down beats by actually playing them, while Renoise is all about programming them (actually, it is not even possible to record beats into different tracks in Renoise, when playing them live!).


Connect one of these with Renoise for your wannabee mpc needs :wink:

what´s so funny Bout my setup? i´ve also got the lpk25 for my compact studio!

itZ great - donT fronT <_<

No shit! I’m getting one myself :)

this FTW :walkman:

i like it but it’s not quite sensitive enough imo.

As I said, the use would be very limited, since you would have to record all your drums in to one track!
I have drumpads on my Axiom 25, but unfortunately Renoise is all about programming.


tsk, tsk, guru status and you still look at the screen?


hehe, just being a dick :D

but how cool would it be to know renoise inside out that you didnt need to look at the screen?

it just occurred to me,… renoise might be very good for the blind.

well after a couple of tweaks, but still not nearly as many tweaks as a regular DAW.

But, this is what I want actually! If recording into separate tracks is not available in 2.6, surely this could be fixed with a script?

I doubt that.

I mean separating the input after it has been recorded into one track, not realtime :)

Yeah, tracker layout suits braille readers better than anything! There was this expo on technology for the blind in my college a while ago, and this one guy was showing his music software and the hardware that went with it. The software sucked in terms of user interaction and the amount of feedback. Also it used screen reader software. I told him about the tracker interface and he loved the idea. I wonder if he ever looked into it…

This is what you want? How do you properly mix your drums then?
Also, I doubt that scripting will help as it seems to be relatively limited.


Surely that could be done at the moment. Although you’d have to save, run script, reload. Rather than having it do it to the song data while it is all loaded up in Renoise.

Maybe it is because of protracker legacy where you had no choice but use all drumsounds(and more :) ) in one track because of hardware limitations, but I have no problem whatsoever mixing beats this way. Hell, sometimes I use 4+ different tracks all condensed with drumhits… there are no strict rules in this regard imo, but I definitely see use in spreading across tracks and do this as well sometimes. So I’d welcome the feature to record across tracks.

I think you are wrong here, I regard applying a script that would analyze a selection in a track and spread different instruments or notes onto new tracks as basic stuff. Logical progression of advanced edit.

Surely it can and I think there already are scripts that do this to an extend, but I can’t be bothered looking into offline processing atm :)

track with Renoise rappers on it! I do most my production in Renoise and have lots of peeps rap on em.

You actually just agreed with what I said. I wasn’t downing MPCs. I was simply pointing out the fact that I don’t have the money to obtain one myself. I do agree that they are probably great for making hip hop and whatnot but that so is Renoise. They just do it in different ways.

I’m sure that this is probably the method I would most likely use if I recorded the beats into one track with some kind of midi drum pad. It would totally work. It would just be tedious…but then again so is everything in Renoise. By the way I’m talking about actually cutting and pasting the individual drum hits.

I’m assuming that he would have all the snares on one track, all the hihats on another, all the bass drums on another, and etc. This would make mixing much easier because you could then apply eq to the individual drum sounds, and that is really important because you would definately eq your kick drum different from your snare. Plus, this would make it much easier to get the volumes right because you could control each track’s volume.

Wasup everybody,

good to find some hip hop beatmakers over here…
just posted an invitation to our international Hip Hop Beatbattle on soundcloud:

Brother Bit1 (uk) and his renoisetracker already won twice and we gotta defend this ;)

I’m doing all of my beats with renoise and I think it’s a real powerful peace of software,
it only sucks when working with acapellas or so you guys have an advice?

Oh and don’t forget the korg nanopad controlers…works great here…

Peace dan