Renoise Recorder

I know there are all kinds of possible problems with this suggestion, but I don’t want to dwell on them. So here goes.

A few years ago, Reason developed a new piece of software called Recorder. Recently Recorder was merged into Reason so that it is now a complete and self-contained package that can do most things a producer would want (as long as said producer is willing to work without external dsps and synths).
Renoise does not record multiple sources, and it does not record to hard drive. Nor does Renoise support audio tracks, desired by so many, at least not yet. Would it be a viable possibility to create a standalone, but closely integrated program that records (multiple) audio tracks to the hard drive? It would need a simplified Renoise layout, with dsp chains etc. and a simple way to transfer the recorded material to the Renoise tracker (from hard drive to RAM), with all its levels, tempos and effects intact. It would be an enormous step forward - and a potentially back-breaking undertaking for the devs. Ultimately it is a question of whether Renoise should remain a “pure” tracker or whether its audio capabilities are to be extended. Personally, I rarely work with live instruments and vocals, and when i do I am content to use my pirated version of Audition (it’s not ideal, but it is what I’ve got) - and I only ever record one track at a time. EDIT: so it is not for me. I just think it would be awesome.

I hope I made this clear - and I hope it hasn’t already been suggested… If it has - sorry!

In fact it appears it does. Post from Taktik.

Doesn’t yet play from disk though…

OK - but that is a good thing, making my whole visionary suggestion thing more realistic, no?

I hope so :)

I don’t know if I get you right but maybe you want to try voxengo recorder. sometimes I attach it to a send chan and route stuff I want to record there.


I am talking about an extension of Renoise that would turn it into a all-singing, all-dancing, tracking and recording powerhouse. Not a workaround. But thanks for the tip :)

+1 :)

No thank you, I prefer audio tracks in renoise itself. The program itself would get more benefit from that and would get my workflow as I would like to see it : )