Renoise Refuses to Copy Some Pattern Blocks

Renoise 64bit - v3.4.2 (Apr 25 2022)
Windows 10 64bit Pro

I made some patterns. In the Pattern I inserted 4 blank patterns at the bottom to copy the first 4 onto.
For some reason only some of the blocks will copy but it refuses to copy beyond pattern block 9.
That particular block/track is just basic notes for a vst3 synth (Arturia CMI V) No automation or fx plugins
Select, Copy and Paste does not work. (Ctrl+C/Ctrl+v)
Select, Ctrl + Click & Drag does not work.
Dragging the bottom edge only works for a short some of the blank block but not the bottom section.

Here is a gif of what is happening (If the forum lets it play)

Seems like a bug.

I tried save, quit and restart. The problem persists.

One thing I noticed in the Instrument section is that vst for some reason shows “(ProgramChange1)”. Not sure if that has any significance here.

Can’t replicate here, can you share the song?

Ive deleted everything but the problematic track and replaced the synth with Synth1 (free) to make it easier.
It seems to still be problematic after removing everything.
TEST B.xrns (5.8 KB)

Its because the pattern sizes for those are 64 and the ones you’re trying to copy are 128. if you just change the pattern size they will appear ( if you already copied them). There is only data in 2nd half of pattern so it appears empty.

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OHHHHHH. Crap you’re right. Because the last 4 patterns were created new which defaults to 64. I need to remember this when changing from default pattern size. Thanks for looking into this

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