Renoise registration - YAY!

Last week or so I received my renoise registration.

I was overjoyed to finally be able to make some audio cd’s of some
songs I have worked on with the unregistered version.

I just wanted to say that a long time ago when I first started tracking
with amiga, I thought that maybe someday something like renoise would

When I switched to screamtracker on p.c. I thought YAY! more than 4 channels, but what about 16 bit, what about effects?

I then switched to fast tracker and was willing to deal with jumping back
and forth between soundforge and fast tracker.

“Someday” I kept thinking during the whole journey. Someday I will have
everything I need at my fingertips.

Several years ago I discovered axs and audiosim, midi controllable software
synths. I thought “wow if only someone would integrate something like
this into a tracker…”

Since I started tracking I wanted something that could control midi synths,
could have fx, and virtual synths. I knew someday that day would come.

Taktik,and the whole renoise team,thank you for making that day finally
come. Renoise is EVERYTHING I ever wanted in a tracker, and MORE.

All I can say is RENOISE ROCKS!

Good luck with your continuing development efforts, You have my support
and respect for your hard work and creative energy.