Renoise rendering my tracks at different lengths


Renoise is rendering my song, but several of the tracks are rendering at different lengths and bpms. This is most obvious with my bassline, which is starting several bars before my drums do, alongside other elements doing the same. I’ve rendered in both realtime and offline, and this has happened with multiple songs. I’ve not yet had a successful render, so I’ve been shying away from rendering at all. There is no ZL tempo change trickery or really anything complex going on, and the only VSTs being used are for reverb.

Is this a common bug or am I doing something wrong? I’d attach the .xrns file but it’s too big (29mb)

Have you enabled “latency compensatiion”

not a bug I’ve encountered before… You might want to upload the xrns in any case. More likely to get a solution that way…

Here’s the link to the xrns file

hmm, I rendered it out and it seems to be the same as the project file, although admittedly I was skipping around… perhaps it’s one of the plugins that you’re using that’s causing the issue?

Are you sure? a number of missing plugins popped up when I opened the file
Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 1.06.33 PM

Good catch on the VSTs. Cableguys is a pan-shaper and Duck is volume envelope shapers, so they’re not moving anything around per se. The others are reverb. I’ve removed these VSTs entirely and re-rendered and am experiencing the same issue. New xrns file linked below.

For reference, my bass is rendering at 158.62 bpm and my drums at 165 (the actual song tempo). Playing the renders together and they’re definitely off from one another.

set your bass line vsti to manual sync

It’s a sample being played through a Renoise instrument, not a VST

Your sample have a bad length

maybe the tail is faulty

Definitely no bug. I just have rendered (real time) your song without any issues.

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Perhaps there’s an issue with my hardware? I can’t think of what else it would be if you and I are both rendering the same song and I’m getting issues but you are not.

Windows 10
Intel(R) Core™ i7-6500u CPU @ 2.5 Ghz
64-bit operating system

Renoise team’s joke…

An update on some testing I’ve done. I used two different 808 samples (one longer, the other shorter). I built a 16 pattern sequence with the exact same notes, so pattern 0 is the same as pattern 15 all throughout.

The render with the longer 808 rendered at 165.13 bpm, and the render with the shorter 808 rendered at 124.11 bpm. Actual project file is at 165 bpm.

TBH, I just found out the issue. Even though everything is rendering at oddly different BPMs, I had them warped to my master tempo in the other DAW I was dragging them into. Even though the bass is rendered at 124.11 bpm, it syncs to the 165 pm drum beat when I unwarp it. So there is no bug on Renoise’s end per se. Thanks all.

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glad you got it sorted!

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