Renoise Resource Hub

The Renoise Resource Hub via Google Groups

  • One place for sharing of resources
  • Categorized resources
  • Community driven
  • Links to your Google account

I have created a Google group aimed towards providing a hub to concentrate specifically
on user created resources for Renoise.
Currently there is very little organization of resources on the official forum.

I have noticed a few posts regarding resource share in which I originally had a community cloud system in mind but had proved too costly.
The main function that comes from this idea is to have resources organized in their
respective categories as opposed to everything setting all in one sub forum.

The group tree consists of the following:


XRNI - Instruments
XRDP - Doofers
XRNS - Songs
Effect Chains
Effect Presets
Modulation Sets
Screen Captures

Although, I’m certain it wont take much to setup another subforum in the official forum with the following tree?

I’ll leave the group up as a “Take or leave” situation and see how things go.


Resources should also have formula devices.

While I certainly applaud the idea (and effort!) of a central hub for Renoise resources, I think Google Groups is probably not the best solution for this. Groups is a mailing list/discussion forum. What would be needed instead is a dedicated platform that is made for handling file uploads/downloads (like a CMS). That said, I do not have a better (free) suggestion at the moment.

If only dropbox had implemented the read-only feature… :P It would have been perfect for this.

Awesome, i’ll add that.

You’re correct. And the idea may not work because A. it operates externally and is not official and B. Google groups isn’t the best system for the job.

Maybe we can put in a vote to have this system added to the official forum :)

I suppose another good thing about having it on Google groups is that file storage responsibility is kept with the person who shares the resource via their Google drive space (15GB Free).
Or they can link to externally hosted files also :)

This is how I understood the coming “Renoise Content Library”. So this functionality should be there later this year.