Renoise Resources (loop Project Updated)

Hi All,

Recently I’ve made the descision to turn the Renoise Loop Project into a general purpose Renoise Resource site (yay!) The Loop Project will still exist, however I’ve done away with the schedule.

Overall the system is usable but still incomplete. Other things in my life are keeping me too busy to spend any real time on it, but it’s coming along nicely.

The site relies on membership to work, so if you have any interest in Renoise at all, signup at:

You will be notified when I make updates!

Recent Updates:

  1. The site’s design has been updated to reflect the new name “Renoise Resources” (not sure what to do about the domain name yet!)
  2. You can now submit links that will appear at:
  3. You can now rate and comment all links/loops/resources. ie.
  4. You can now search! ie.
  5. I can subscribe to RSS feeds by Loop Author, Loop BPM, or any search criteria. (ie. all loops)
  6. The system is designed so all submissions are a “resource”. Everything is tag based.

Future Plans:

  1. More resource types. So far there’s only “loops” and “links”. Other types plans are “mp3” (your own music!). “xrni”, “xrns”, “freeware vst”, “sf2”
  2. The mp3 system will have 3 levels. Ranging from “quick jam”, “beta release” and “serious release”. Friends/Fans can subscribe to your releases. Because you can submit 3 different types of music, you can have 3 different types of fans. This means that hardcore fans will be notified of everything you submit - and half interested partys can receive only your serious releases.
  3. I have plans to build a collection of Renoise Friendly free VST. I also plan to allow submissions of examples using that VST, so people can listen to what renoise users have done with that VST. Much more handy (and fun) than reading a description!
  4. To make the front page reflect the latest content submitted on the site (needs more content first.)
  5. I’m looking to find a flash player that can loop!!!

Of course, suggestions are welcome.

Mick :)

This is wonderful work. Let’s hope the community get behind it and fill it up a bit. If you achieve your vision (and beyond) this could possibly be integrated formally with to replace the old songs section.

What a great idea!

this gonna rrrawk \m/ , such great potential for … stuffs

I’m happy about your decision. I’m going to sign in in minutes

Cool stuff Mick, I’m upping a bunch of 170 bpm breaks and stuff through ftp (made sure all the spaces are gone from the file names :wink: ). Was wondering if you’ll add some kind of +/- toggle for variations of the same loop? (->also with the previously discarded loops in mind)

FTP accounts are active (they shouldn’t be, I just forgot :P). It will take a little while for me to manually submit all of your loops. In the future, can you use the HTML upload feature? That way you can get them live straight away.

I’ll be dealing with the variations later. Right now anything comforming with the “varation naming convention” will be discarded. But they will be kept in another location for the time being.

Mick :)

Oh, and:

Just a little resource browser…