Renoise Review!

On April 22nd Renoise will be reviewed in the swedish magazine Studio (Issue #4 2004)!!! ^_^

In this months issue Renoise was on the cd so when the 10/10 review hits the shelves next month we will see floods of new swedish users!

I’m surprised the crew didn’t know about this… or did they? :unsure:

Edit: added the link

Maybe they can get a beta 1.5 to review? might be nice :)

I have been thinking for quite some time to write a review/article/tutorial for them as a freelancer, but I’m waiting for 1.5…

Cool. Didnt knew that. Could anyone who can read swedish give me a contact email, so that I could ask them to test the 1.5 release ?

Here is a way to contact them, its probably not the fastest way, but the only one i could find: I think you should select “Nyhetstips(NewsTips)” in the “Ärende(Errand)” pulldown menu.

But it may be too late for them to review 1.5 for the upcoming issue, since its due april the 22th. But a little promotion never hurts ;)

Contact one of the two top names on the link Garf provided. First one is the chief editor and second one secretary…

Taktik: u can also write email to , Muzikus is biggest magazine for musicians in slovak and czech republic, i am sure they can write some review for renoise 1.5

also i can translate manual to slovak version, so people in slovak and czech republic can understand :yeah:

Will pick up that magazine for sure.
for the review :)

That magazine is to be published by the 22 april. I think they had in mind to review Renoise 1.5…