Renoise, Rewire, Fl Studio

hey guys. for some reason FL doesn’t recognize Renoise as a Rewire slave/master. anyone having this problem?

i tried the FL forums but no solutions as of yet. i believe its a problem on FL’s end because rewire is working okay with my other hosts. i just thought that there might be some FL users here too (that’s not a sacreligious statement, is it :D )

I’ve tested FL8 demo during alpha testing.
To be honest, FL doesn’t work perfectly as ReWire application. (Please refer the ReWire Compatible Hosts)
But it works to some degree.

Please make sure, have you install the FL’s ReWire?
I mean, maybe you deselected the FL’s ReWire in the process of installation.
If so, you should reinstall FL and select FL’s ReWire to install.

thanks for the link. damn, it looks like podium is buggy too. good that bidule works perfectly, but i was hoping to use FL or Podium for a more linear sequencer in tandem with renoise. guess i’ll have to continue to use FL as a vsti in Renoise.

thanks again.