Renoise Rewire slave individual outs into FL Studio


Would a kind soul please explain how to route individual Renoise tracks into separate FL studio mixer channels?

Thank you

Oh, I just figured this out!! All you have to do is start Renoise as a rewire slave in FL and make sure that “multi outputs” is selected in Rewired (it’s glaringly obvious in hindsight, but this is the part that was tripping me up :P). Once this is done, it’s as simple as selecting different rewire output buses in the output section (bottom) of Renoise mixer tracks. FL will automatically route each successive stereo bus to the right of whichever mixer track Rewired is routed to (and there’s no way to change this behavior afaik, so leave space). Also while I’m here, you know how you can’t play from within Renoise when it’s rewired into FL? I found a way to set a keyboard shortcut that will tell FL to play even if the window is minimized or inactive (i.e. you can push play from the current transport point in FL, even when you’re in Renoise). It’s here if you’re interested.

Doh! Yer that really is kinda easy:D Thank you for that and for the keyboard thing;)

Ooo, I just made that script even better! Now middle mouse and the additional mouse buttons (the ones that do forward and back in your web browser) are all mapped to switch from Renoise to FL and back. Also, shortcuts are now only active when either FL or Renoise is activated.

Now if only I could figure out a way to have Renoise decouple from full transport sync, but only when I push play in Renoise (sort of a hybrid between the two extant coupling modes)…