Renoise Rewire Slave Mode in Pro Tools

I’m trying to run vst instruments into Pro Tools using Renoise as a vst host, but I can’t send any midi notes to the vst instrument. When I rewire Renoise to Pro Tools it goes fine and I get sound, but when I create a midi track to play an instrument I don’t see that instrument in the midi I/O section in the midi track. I then try to play the vst with the right midi interface selected but nothing.

The Config of Pro Tools (in my case with a Tascam FW-1884):
midi track in : all
midi track out: FW-1884 Port1 (channel 1)

Config in Renoise:
Under Preferences ; Midi Master Keyboard/Midi mapping : FW-1884 Port1
Under Instrument settings : Device FW-1884 Port1 ; Channel any or 1 ; Assign to track ‘Current’

I have the same midi configuration using Reason 7 rewired to Pro Tools and I don’t have any problems to play Reason instruments into Pro tools.

Can maybe someone help me fix that problem?
Thanks a lot.

Sorry I tried virtual midi and copperland vmidi too. Does not work.
But why does the classic midi way work with Reason but not with Renoise?
Maybe is my configuration not the good one?
I choosed Renoise to host vst’s because it is a very stable and powerfull program.

This is indeed the best way to do it. With VM drivers like Copperlan, you can even control 32 instruments this way.
It would be nice if Renoise would actually advertise its instrument through ReWire though, this should currently be possible now that each instrument can be midi-linked to a device.

Yes I believe it works fine but I have a master keyboard connected via a Tascam FW-1884 midi interface (not usb). The Tascam itself is connected via Firewire for the audio and as a control surface.
Are VM drivers only for USB based master keyboards/controllers maybe?
Thanks a lot.

Virtual Midi drivers are as they say:software based midi patch cables:you can hook midi cables between one host’s midi output for controlling “external” gear and you can connect the other end to a Renoise instrument on the Midi In tab. This way you internally route midi signals from host X to Renoise being able to directly control one instrument instead of having to do this through the Master midi input in the preferences (which only controls the currently selected instrument).

The tascam, you simply assign for usage in Host X and simply control the instruments with that you defined to control the Renoise instruments. (disconnect the tascam in Renoise in the general master midi input preferences, else you can’t use it in the other host)
Which platform are you actually on? i mentioned Copperlan, but is only an option for Mac and Windows.