Renoise Ripp-off “Bliss” by discoDSP

Dont wanto post the link but yu can find it if yu need - I think for the price of Renoise we DONT need this, as this seem a Ripp-off off the internal Renoise-sampler and a pretty exact copy, too. Just for discussion and also showed me again what great Weaponz we allready hav indside Renoise. Dank

discoDSP “Bliss” is a simple but powerful sampler with some extremely creative features – Bliss’ VSTi Sampling feature can automatically create sampled instruments from patches on any VST instrument, which is a pretty useful feature if you’re working with CPU-hungry synth plugins that bog down your sessions.

Bliss it’s just an evolution of Arguru Highlife sampler and IL Directwave both with capability of vst sampling ages before Renoise


Cool I know Direktwav but rarely never used that but I also did not know about the Arguru one.

Still the Renoise sampler to grabb them vstizzz is a Bliss for me!!:star_struck: