Renoise Rni Vs. Good Vsti Samplers?

I love renoise, but theres one thing i miss a lot about beeing a tracker from the start then leaving that working some years with Reason then back to tracking, and that’s the NN-XT sampler. If renoise RNI had just about the same features as that one i would use Renoise only, not even using VSTi’s that much cuz i dont like em. Most my music is sample based and in tracking i can’t make use of all the neat codes in the effect column when using VSTi’s. I like the pinpoint precission of using effect codes pitching certain notes just before the OFF note triggers portamento and other neat codes.

This is not really a suggestion, but a wish for better RNI features. like…

  • Layers, with velocity/knob controlled mixing. between layers.
  • Overlapping Keyzones
  • Velocity based, volume, cutoff, resonance, pitch, LFO’s etc etc.
  • Velocity based … any setting from DSP chain.
  • Portamento setting.
  • Better envelopes with option to switch between tick/line or time based.
  • AutoKeyzone *** <— Very useful (I use a lot of samples and sample massive key ranges)

AutoKeyzone is first on my list of wishes, the other things can be worked around using several tracks and effect column commands.

So … are some of these features planned? or does anyone have any suggestions for VSTi samplers that are good and flexible, and most importantly easy to use? With Reasons NN-XT in mind is there anything out there similar to that?

Cheers, and thanks for a great piece of software!

almost everything you are asking is already in the to-do list.

XRNI enhancement is a milestone of Renoise 2.x cycle.

In the meantime I’ve heard good things about this little sampler.

…almost everything you are asking is already in the to-do list…



Just now sorted all my samples i categories. Until rni get any better could someone direct me to a good freeware sampler that’s easy to use. I read a little about soundfonts, but maybe it’s not the right tool with many features. Any more suggestion on freeware samplers? Downloaded shortcircuit to try it out, but since the development is discontinued it might not be the best choise.

shortcircuit IS the best choice!