Renoise Rocks!

I just wanted to say to the developers of Renoise: thank you very much for creating this superb piece of software…

I still love the way a tracker works, and never really could get into “modern” sequencers. Renoise is the only tracker that evolved with time and has all the “modern” features and quality I need, but then with the classic tracker interface. Great work and I hope that you are all motivated and hopefully make a little money out of it, because it is worth it…

Yup, as longtime tracker enthusiast I can only agree :D

The first time I saw Renoise I thought : “this looks like fasttracker”. I then began to make my first composition, and was surprised that the even the keyboard layout was the same!!!

It was like…coming home… sob

Renoise rox :drummer: :guitar: :yeah:

agreed renoise kicks ass - and for all types of dance music too.

Renoise is without doubt the best software ever :)

easily!!! :)

Yups in it’s genre it certainly is.

My aim goes for Renoise 2.0 which will probably then be the most complete overall music application.
(new RNI structure, yummie)

I would actually go as far as to say it’s even better than Super Metroid and VLC Media Player put together. ;)

If it wasn’t for Renoise I would have jumped ship on computers for music making altogether.

Definetly be using a QY-700 or an RS7000 instead.

But even VST support and sample editing aside, I actually love using Renoise and I love how it makes me perceive and conceptualise music… and for me to say that about any piece of s/w is a real feat as I otherwise tend to think of computers as absolute creative voids and time wasters…


It is an amazing piece of software, but Super Metroid? SM Renoise mod please :yeah:

Chuck Norris uses Renoise

I heard the paddle that hit Chuck Norris in the face uses Renoise. No shit.

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Who is Chuck Norris?

vvoois, Chuck Norris is an american superhero who uses da karate!

Chuck Norris just simply has heard over 2000 years ago from Moses that a tracker called Renoise will be available in his lifetime span.
That alone makes Renoise the über-Tracker.

Renoise am teh w1nnar!

I actually meanted the retorical question with two possible answers, your answer is one of them, the other was “nobody”

[edited out because of yesterdays drunkenness] Sorry folks. :)

You guys definitely feel the beta is coming. Another day I’d call it magic. Today I call it miracle.

David Hasselhoff uses Renoise beta