Renoise Run Under Windows Xp X64!

I just installed the final release of Windows XP Pro x64 and am happy to report that it runs flawlessly.
In fact, it even seems to run better than on Win32 :unsure: - everything seems smoother although this is probably because the rest of Windows is running native 64 bit code and has more free resources to devote to other programs.

I have a question though: is there any chance of compiling a version of Renoise for the Windows x64 platform now that it’s been released?

Hell I’d compile it myself if I knew what to do.


well, as soon winxp 64 gets final, ms devstudio gets also (is it alredy?) available in a non beta version. Ah, and most important, one of our machines must die so we have a reason to get ourselves a new one, filled with fancy 64 bits :)

I wont expect miracles though, to understand the advantages and disadvantages of native 64 bit apps i recommend reading :…ts/index.x?pg=1

Win64 is already final, it’s been released for manufacturing to OEMs as well as on MSDN (where I got my copy).

Win64 ? you mean WinXP, right ?

Cool thing that is, i only noticed a RC beeing released some weeks ago. Anyway, any news about the next MS Dev Studio ?

Well it’s the same thing, the official name is “Windows XP Pro x64”.
Here’s a link saying more about the release:

It will also be interresting to see what kind of performance dual-core brings… i hope Renoise will be optimized to it :)

at least windows reaches the standards of alterntive OSes linke zeta, beos or else. :w00t: