Renoise Running Energyxt 1.41 Or 2+

Hey, hope anybody can answer on this, as I haven’t found answers elsewhere.
Reason i post here and not (again) in a more XT-based community, is that this might have to do with the combination of Renoise and XT. I really don’t know yet.

OK, I always hate it when i have to use energyXT (long audio tracks) in a project, because I know if I later on move or rename the root folder containing the XRNS, energyXT won’t be able to find the files used in XT the next time i open the XRNS.

I use XT v1.41

I have looked in the program folder, the ini files, and through the XML in the XRNS, and in files located in “My Documents & Settings”, but I can’t seem to find the place where energyXT’s paths to audiofiles are stored.

Does anybody know?

OR - maybe even better, is anybody successfully using the latest version of XT together with Renoise? Is this a problem for you too?

(can’t say often enough how much I’d love native support for display + triggering for long audiotracks :wacko: )

does anybody know something about this?

hey, thanks. hmmm yes, aware of the locate sample function, it’s just not always working it seems (have to re-locate next time i open, even if I overwrote the old file…)

and, when dealing with a big amount of projects and samples, it would kill me to sit and relocate every single file… :ph34r:

i just need to find away to mass-edit the file(s) where all the paths are stored, so i could just to a search-and-replace, like:

replace m:\projects\newstuff… with c:\moved-all-projects-here\lack-of-space…