Renoise Sampler vs Redux Allows To Save Presets/Bank

hi, one of the things that really bothered me about the renoise sampler was there was no way to save the presets that i spent hours setting up with samples. can i save presets in this? if so, is there a way to export a full saved bank, and if so, what about exporting packs, and then, when exporting pack, if its uploaded to to a bandmate, does the user/bandmate when he loads the bank have access to the preset. sorta like zebra saves the osc wave shape in the patch.

btw, i was able to save a preset so it seems it can be done, but im not sure to what extent. im going to buy this asap if it does similar to what i want. it seems like it does just that, but i want to make sure.

By presets do you mean instruments? You can save instruments, DSP chains, Doofers and phrases. If you save an instrument it will be an exact copy when you load it, the samples are there, phrases, modulation and FX chains within the instrument. There are currently no way to save the preset of the macros in a separate file, but they are saved with the instrument.

if i was to make a c64 soundbank from c64 samples, and upload it to the renoise downloads forum/or a bandmate, if they downloaded the bank, would they have access to the the preset and wav samples. or when the opened the bank, would they have the preset settings, but no wav sample. could you explain a bit deeper. i want to make sure im understanding correctly as i was planing to pick this up tonight. what are macros and why are they important. it sounds to me like you are saying that redux does exactly what i want.

A Renoise/Redux *.XRNI instrument is totally self-contained. It contains all of the properties from the Sampler tab, including the Keyzones, any loaded Waveforms belonging to that instrument, its volume/pitch/filter/panning Modulations, its own DSP Effect chains, and so on. When you save the instrument via the Disk Browser, or by right-clicking the instrument list and choosing “Save Instrument As…”, the end result will be this self-contained XRNI instrument file that you can share with your friends. They won’t need to do anything special, other than load it into Renoise or Redux.

We don’t really have a bank file that you can easily share, so you would simply have to ZIP up a bunch of your XRNI instruments instead.

When working with Renoise, you can of course treat the song like a bank which contains multiple instruments, but it’s not possible to load a Renoise XRNS song into Redux.

If you want my advice, I’d suggest spending a bit more time with the demo versions, just to be sure that you fully understand the core file types, what they can do, how you can work with them, and so on. No need to jump head first into it.

hi dblue, it seems i am confused about what redux really is and is not. are you saying that redux saves just the same as xrni therefore, i can save everyhting in an .xrni that i can in vst redux so are you saying that the renoise non vst sampler can save .xrni just like redux can? it seems that i don’t need redux. its true i need to understand what xrni format is. i did ask about saving renoise presets a while back and another user told me there was no way to save a renoise sampler preset. were they incorrect?

it seems i may have misunderstood and as i reread my old thread it seems the person who replied also misunderstood what i was asking. i thought he was saying i could only save fx chains and not instruments. from my other thread the person said"saving each Effect Chain as a preset is currently the closest thing"i also remember my heart sinking when i heard this.

now i see you can save an xrni and it loads and saves all settings! this is awesome. i had no idea i could do this whatsoever! today’s a great day for discovery.

it seems i may have misunderstood and as i reread my old thread it seems the person who replied also misunderstood what i was asking

Yes. I misread that. I though you were interested in saving the “FX network”, without the actual sounds/samples.

But presets are possible on many levels - here is a snippet from the Redux Quickstart PDF


Presets everywhere!!

Note that the last one (content library) is not yet supported in Renoise, but will arrive with 3.1.