Renoise saves WAV files randomly at 1411 or 2822 kbps?

At the moment I use Renoise’s internal sampler quite a lot to crop/cut audio files and to save the samples via the file browser as WAV files.

What is really bothering me is the fact that Renoise saves the WAV files at either 1411 or 2822 kbps. It seems Renoise is doing this for no apparent reason since I couldn’t figure out why one WAV is 1411 and the other 2822, when the source files are all the same file type.

Is there any possiblity to control at what bitrate it should save the WAV files in? Because 2822 is double the size and it really annoys me.

I thought renoise saves wave files @ 32 bit

I thought renoise saves wave files @ 32 bit

They are all at 32 bit, but the bitrate varies from either 1411 or 2822 kbps.

when adjusting the volume or processing channel fx, 16 bit is converted to 32 bit. maybe that’s the reason? purpose of this would be not losing information where possible

you can click the Adjust button and change it back. i don’t know if it’s possible to prevent the automatic conversion

Ah, I see what’s happening there. Yeah I’ve indeed applied some processing on a few of the samples, I didn’t realize that Renoise converts the rate and bit depth respectively. Thanks for the hint man.