Renoise Scene Banner (88x31px)?

I would like to link up Renoise on, in our Respected sites list.

This is a list of scene banners, which are 88 pixels wide and 31 pixels high. It’s a standard generally adopted in the scene, does Renoise have one? And, would it be happy to start linking sites in a similar fashion?

Also, would be nice to have on the links, you have AMP there ;)

+1 :D

You mean the advertising scene?

Any self-respecting geek would just ignore that and use 32x96 imho :P

Uh, no. The SCENE.,, all the other tracking sites… that’s the scene i’m referring to… what else could it really refer to on a site like Renoise?! :P :D The scene doesn’t acknowledge commercially oriented advertising standards, i guess ;)


Thanks :D

So is there a graphic available of the mentioned dimensions?

Not that I know of m0d… if I remember this weekend, I’ll start messing with photoshop whilst I’m out in the country and see if I can come up with anything genuinely spiffy, albeit unofficial :P

that works :D