Renoise screen real estate optimization, custom gui placement


Been requested before I’m sure and not the highest priority on the ‘cool things to implement’ list, but :slight_smile: if it is relatively easy to create, please consider the following;

Being able to manually drag gui elements/sections to another place in the top of the screen, for example;
Especially when you have turned of the meters at the top, there is enough free space to fit all the gui elements in one row, free’ing up vertical space for potentially more important info.
image (I’m not a photoshopper :slight_smile: , but quick example of a custom order)

The same can be thought of the bottom portion in Renoise, showing the track dsp & automation toggles on the left, status notices and Renoise name on the right of the screen. I feel like there could be a smarter placement of these elements leading to less redundant space.

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Maybe there is empty space to support low resolution screen

yep, different resolutions, different needs, that’s why customization can be helpful moving stuff where needed imo.

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