Renoise Selects Tracks While Scrolling Left.



I’ve got a lot of tracks and three sendtracks on the right of them. I select the last sendtrack (send 3) and then I scroll to the left to see whats on track 1. While scrolling left the selection of my tracks moves left too. I want to adjust the volume on my sendtrack (3) based on whats on track 1.

Is there a way to be able to select tracks and then scroll them off screen?

why did you post this in the bug reports forum?

anyway, this also happens when scrolling to the right, not only on Macbooks, and I think it makes sense to always have the cursor visible.

To rapidly access send tracks, you can use the shortcuts which are assignable in the
Edit => Preferences => Keys => Pattern Editor => Navigation
area, precisely:
Jump to FirstTrack
Jump to MasterTrack
which I have assigned to LCTRL+Q and LCTRL+W respectively

Alright, Its not a bug obviously but I find this pretty illogical. Especially when Im working with a lot of tracks on a small screen I scroll left and right a lot while just wanting to change the track I selected.

I agree with IT Alien that it makes sense to always have the cursor visible. This is the only reason your position moves, to keep the cursor on the screen. I think it would be weird to be able to accidentally enter notes in a track you can not currently see.

Is this on 2.1? Have you got Matrix, Pattern Comments and Advanced Edit closed? (To give you maximum usable width possible.)

No its on 2.5 but screens on a macbook arn’t that big ;)

another advice for small screens and wide songs is to keep the track scopes visible: if you leftclick on the name of the track in the scopes, the cursor will automatically go to the first column of that track

Track Grouping would be my chosen way to solve this. Minimise the tracks you don’t want to be concentrating on in some way.

How about if the View Selected Track button also kept Master and Sends (or even better, just the associated Send Tracks) visible?

Although it sounds like only a minor tweak I don’t think we are going to see any feature/functionality changes before the first RC version of 2.5 but hopefully something similar can be worked in for 2.6 if we don’t get full Track Grouping by then.

I also suggested to show send track chains into source tracks DSP sections: see thread