Renoise Seminar

Howdy folks,

Letting you all know that I will be doing a 2 hour seminar on Renoise 2.8 at the Evoke demoparty in Germany in August, 2012. I will basically start from the beginning so that those who never used Renoise can follow along. As I am not one of the super technical users of Renoise, it will not be very much in depth - but I will show exactly how I build my tracks, arrange them and mix them. I will also do some theory on EQ’ing, compression and putting sounds into different spaces in a mix. In the two hours we will build a song from scratch… with the input from everyone there. This song will be on the melodic / chillout side… so for those who wants to learn about making dubstep, it will not be so interesting :)

Hope to see some of you there! EDIT: sorry for writing seminar wrong in the title. Perhaps someone can fix this?


Nice! :)
I hope I will be there.

So, C-4 techno is also banned?

Good initiative.

Hehe, that JCO gig was a good one. Very skilled musician as well… still have his Revision jingle glued to my brain :) Mine will be somewhat similar… but in English, and less bassdrum :)

wheee ! nice klaus. this should eliminate the question if you’re gonna come to evoke in the first place :)

Nice 1, Klaus! :) After absence last year I hope I’m gonna make it to Evoke this year again. RK and me still have to return some worshipping on our knees. :D In case you forgot we promised this, I absolutely did not. :lol: I guess the seminar would be a good opportunity for this. ;)

Revision Jingle is just too great.

I hope to visit Evoke as well, if I have the money and the energy. We’ll see. :)

Hey Klaus, this concept works. I allready had to present Renoise to a bunch of people a bit afraid of the tracker’s vertical interface, cells, hexadecimal values, notation, chains, and sliders, I remember I had to make a “realtime tutorial”, something like “20 minutes to build a fully arranged electronic music of 20 seconds”. Of course I started without any specific musical idea in mind, and I did something simplistic in the end, but I think I helped people to make the first steps in the right direction without experiencing the typical beginners’ frustrations.

would really love to attend a renoise lua workshop some day

believe me, this will work. I have taken two Renoise seminars and each time I have encountered difficulties because I wanted to show things more in depth, while the audience just wanted to see how easy is to create some instant cash-music with the program

I am all booked aswell.

See you all on the seminar and let’s have some beers afterwards! ;)

Lets have some beers during as well :)

Cool, please get this seminar recorded!

And before…

You’ve got a good point It-Alien. I would take me about 7 years to demonstrate anything of worth. sigh

Too bad I missed this. Hope you guys had some fun there.

Maybe you can make a video? and dont forget to include the beer arrangement :rolleyes:

The video was reportedly recorded from all possible perspectives.

Then I really hope it will be available from all possible sources :D

xerxes: can one find the seminar slides somewhere. I want to learn ur tricks :D.