Renoise sequence Roland TR8 via MIDI

Sorry if this has been asked and answered before but I didn’t see this question already asked and I can’t find any info online. I really want to program patterns/songs for my TR8 from Renoise. I see that Midi messages are recorded in Renoise when I hit stop/start on the drum machine but I’d really like to control the TR8 drum sounds from Renoise. So is it possible to program the TR8 from Renoise? Thank you.

maybe there is a remote vsti available for your device? Or from third party? (There was one huge source forge freeware vst->midi librarian cross platform project, but I forgot the name…) If not, setup a midi instrument and then put into track a “instrument midi control device” to send / automate the proper midi CC# codes.

EDIT: Damn, there is now a free panel for supernova, I once had…Such a nice device, but too lazy for audio routing/sampling etc.

Thanks spktkpkt and Jurek for the input. I knew about the implementation chart but am still very new to midi programing and I’ll have to check out Ctrlr.

But… after some rethinking and a little fooling around I figured it out, basically. So, I’ll post what I’ve got so far and hopefully it might help someone else down the road.

  • Under the MIDI tab for the selected track choose TR-8 for the Output Device (I couldn’t get the Bass drum to sound on the computer keyboard so I selected a Midi piano for the Input Device and was able to get it to sound.)

  • If you want to hear the sounds within Renoise, instead of just through the device, you’ll need to add a ‘Line Input’ down at thebottom left. (be sure that under preferences you have the correct audio input and output selected.)

WooHoo, now I can finally program drum patterns without having to do everything on the fly with several instruments. It all seemed a lot more complicated but then again everything does when your new to it. Anyway, I’ll eventually be using Logic to record the programmed audio so that’ll be another setup later on with ReWire. I’ve been searching for months to find a program/device/app that would let me do this with the TR8, since Roland made it more of a performance device without any song creation capabilities, but now paired with Renoise I’ll be able to really have fun with it. Oh, and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to use/control all the Attack/Decay/Comp knobs for each sound but so far it seems like I can.

Addition: Forgot to note that you need to set the MIDI channel for the TR8 to 10.