Renoise Shirts?

I’m thinking of making myself a renoise shirt. anyone made a shirt for themselves?

I dont think there are anyone selling them atleast, bet the devs would gank us if we tried to put up an online shop selling renoise t-shirts :P

Tho if not, ill put up one and donate the surplus to the devs.

AFAIK there is no official shirts, but i plan to do myself a renoise T-shirt too… :) havent had time to design it yet but i will do that soon i think

i want one (as long as they come in black or dark tones of some sort). if you have to go with cafepress then the only thing i’d prolly buy is a renoise thong. :mellow:

I would recommend for the Devs. I use that shop at

Works absolutely perfect :)

we have already spreadshirt shop in the works. just a little bit more time.

The gods have spoken. (and i have 200 posts)

Renoise undies plz thanx.

I’d order one fo’ sho’

Sheeyat nigga I’d be wearing that shirt around. Know what I mean?

Yeah, I want!

are you a girl? :unsure: :) if yes then i didnt know there is female renoisers around :) and if no then this is weird man :)

wELL, im not a girl but i’d love to see my chick walk around in renoise undies, dont bother i wont be posting any pics :P

A lucky few of us got sent Renoise t-shirts last year (or it may have been the year before) as a reward for being among the first to register. And very nice it is too!


ohh, feel free to post pics ;)