Renoise Should Sell the Business

I agree with both sides of this argument. I have been “free” riding since purchasing 2.9 around this same time, and Renoise has brought me more value than any other piece of my home studio setup, so I’d gladly pay more for certain features (like live looping).

With that said, YOU CAN PAY MORE TO SOMEONE ELSE for almost any feature you want – Renoise is interoperable enough (and hackable enough) that you could probably find a 3rd party tool to do whatever else you want to do, and/or try to strike a deal with some of the more prolific plugin devs here in the forums to add the feature functionality you want. And if it’s not IN the tool, it’s probably in another tool that you could find a clever workflow.

But as @Bluethereal said above,

Also when I feel limited by my tools I like to listen to 90’s songs to remind me that it’s me, not the tools

Renoise constantly reminds me that I have everything I need to make great music is already in here, but sometimes I need to do the work of digging in and understanding the relevant tools more deeply. That’s all productive work, time well spent, and it makes me a better producer to have to actually #RTFM to do the things I want to do.

What makes you think this way? Are you referring to those who would like to buy an upgrade? I assume, because there is no other option. The “Renoise company” gets the same amount of money, whether they’re selling version 3.4, version 4.4 or whatever version, it doesn’t matter. And someone who’s interested in buying and using Renoise gives a shit about the version. You take what’s available. When I bought Renoise 2.7.2 I didn’t expect to get any updates. I used exactly this version for 8 years and I didn’t miss anything, because that’s what I’ve paid for and what I’ve expected. I only switched to version 3.1 because of compatibility reasons.

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you’re right.

I think it’s perhaps that some of us are hungry for more native features, especially when there is a perceived lack - relative to some of the other offerings on the market. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love renoise just as it is, love the workflow and efficiency, but I’d personally love to see more robust/continous/accelerated development cycles, or at least a shoring up of renoise’s weak points, of which there are several I can think of off the top of my head.

That said, for the price and feature set, it is an incredible deal. If it’s staying afloat as a business model, all the better

long live renoise :metal:


You used it 8 years without missing anything?!? Thats nice for you, but your own personally experience is not authoritative or exemplary for other people of the community. As long i had produced only instrumental songs with renoise i missed nothing too, but one day i want produce a Track with a real voiceline track, and in this moment i get aware of the weakness of Renoise on this area. Much great worser as this, is the production of a remix with syncing a voicetrack with specific bpm to new own melodies. You mostly have to cut the voicetrack in many slices and have to sync it over sample linesync options. But after the limiting this Value to 512 in many cases this fails. In past you could turn this Value upto 999, which was much easier to sync and you dont need so much sliced pieces of the Voicetrack. In all, the Workflow for integration of pre or external recorded Voicetracks into Renoise is very laborious and not very effective/produtive. So other Users with other use cases have other priorities than you personally.

happy tracking :slight_smile:


You’re right, other users do have other priorities. But you always have to keep in mind that in the end Renoise is a tracker. If you wish to mix vocal tracks over instrumentals in perfection a tracker is not the right tool. You need to think about your expectations. In the past I also did some Rap. I did the beat in Renoise and the vocal mixing in Cool Edit Pro. Of course I didn’t expect to do that in Renoise. Happy tracking. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The old story of the Tracker paradigm… And Cool Edit Pro… i use it in the middle to late 90’ years. I thought more on such as the Reason Wavetrack to Sequencer/Wavetrack to Midinote Information Sync function!

happy tracking :slight_smile:

Maybe Renoise team should concentrate on Redux

And release the Renoise code (except the sampler part and some other critical parts) as open source

Mhhh… i like Renoise and its simplicity as a DAW, especially the device handling and the mixer chain workflow. Redux on the end is only a sampler plugin. Not a way to create own compositions. In my opinion, taktik should upsize the developer pool. There are many people in the community which would want to contribute any on the Renoise Project because they like it i think. So the first step would be to bring this people together and connect with the Renoise staff crew. Maybe on a Mailing list (old) or over a Discord (actually), but this naturally can only happens if the Renoise Team wants it.

happy tracking :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your purchase of EA™ Renoise®! Renoise is an exciting new music production tool with lots of features that will allow you to realise your musical dreams!

  • Up to 8 tracks, and 32 patterns! To unlock more tracks and patterns, just purchase the EA™ Renoise® Battle Pass for $14.99 a month!
  • Export your music to WAV or MP3 format (users without EA™ Renoise® Battle Pass are restricted to mono WAV at 22 kHz/8 bit).
  • Integration with Facebook™, YouTube™ and TikTok™! Publish your music to your audience in a single click! Terms and conditions apply¹.
  • System requirements: Windows 11 or newer. Legacy versions of Renoise may run on Linux or macOS but are not supported and are longer available for download.

¹ EA™ owns the copyright on all music produced by Renoise®, but grants you a license to publish it to audiences of less than 100 on a strictly non-commercial basis. For other uses, please contact our legal department. EA™ may use or distribute your music for any purpose without compensation or royalty payments. Your license to distribute music may be terminated by EA™ without notice if you criticise EA™ management or express opinions our CEO doesn’t agree with.


How do I sign up for battle pass?

Renoise is a breath of fresh air, with a gentle old-school flavour in production and pricing. This is the image of an altruist projected through software.
Renoise is independent as a vision, as a product, as a community.



It’s easy! Simply click on the Subscribe link on the in-app purchasing screen which appears every time you start EA™ Renoise®, or the bright orange “Upgrade” banner which is permanently visible to all users without a Battle Pass subscription.

This will take you to the EA™ web shop where you can purchase a Battle Pass by entering your name, address, credit card information, telephone number, blood group and next of kin.

Note: Battle Pass subscriptions are charged monthly but have a minimum contractual term of 36 months. EA™ retains the right to charge a Early Termination Fee if you cancel your subscription within the minimum term.


Did you work in marketing or something? The verbiage is spot on

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No, I’m just a lifelong cynic with a natural facility for pattern-spotting. :smile:


It’s about time this turned into a ‘why wont they put piano roll in renoise’ thread


Of course. You’re not very active in this forum, but if you write something you’re always demanding things which are completely uncommon for a tracker. At least I’ve got the impression that you’re simply using the wrong DAW. I think Cubase and else is what you need. But I know what you’re after and of course a further development is always welcome. Provided it makes sense…

Yeah! And if you also stick with Spotify you’re getting showered with 0,003 cents PER STREAM, dude! What a fucking great combination! It couldn’t get any better than this! :+1:

“Blender 3D” story is interesting in the open source world

Absolutely :rofl:

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