Renoise shuts down

(Userx9) #1

Hi there,

since the last day Renoise just shuts down after 1-5 minutes, i reinstalled it but the error still is there.

Someone know what this error is about?

I have not made any changes in windows lately so it’s strange.

(ffx) #2

Have a look into the log file, which will you tell what is going on.

(pandabot) #3

8248 Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 8.39.16 PM.png

(Userx9) #4

Thanks for the help.

i only see 1 strange thing i think:

MIDI: Failed to get the DirectMusicPerformance Interface (error: 80040154). Skipping DirectMusic devices…

gotta check that out for now

(Userx9) #5

I fixed the missing dll but it’s still crashing,but i also see now:

Shut down: Destroyed the GraphPort
Shut down: Saving the Preferences
Shut down: Destroyed the Preferences
Shut down: App is down

(ffx) #6

Have a look above those messages, these are simply indicating a shutdown / exit of Renoise. First look at the bottom, there are the new entries, then search for something like “crash”, I bet a VST/plugin will crash. Post those entries in here.