Well, when it goes about Ft2 or It2…

Done in FT2 (Trust me, i did not needed the nibbles feature for this one ;) )

Done in IT2

Now aside the sample-quality of the songs, do you hear which tracker is better?

Scream Tracker1 on SB Mono -> Fast Tracker 1 -> Scream Tracker 3 -> Fast Tracker 2 - > Buzz -> CubaseSX uncomfortable -> Renoise ahh home again :D

Starttreker (Amiga), fasttraker2, MODplugTracker, Fruityloops (FlStudio), Renoise …
I can say tracker are the best for me…


… and yes, Renoise is the most k0r3 tracker ever. :yeah:

Trust me FT1 sucked big ass, if it wasn’t for the BBS sysop of the board that offered Ft2 for download, telling me FT2 had nibbles i never would have tried FT2 at all, that much did FT1 sucked big ass…

hmm when i switched from amiga protracker to PC in 1993 the only tracker i felt comfortable with was fasttracker1.
i mean… it featured twice the amount of channels of protracker, was fully .mod compatible and had similar shortcuts to protracker - what else could you want due that time?
was way better than screamtracker (GUI-wise), even though that one featured more channels.
it’s all a matter of personal preference.

100% the same of keith.

moreover, if there would have not been FT1, I would have probably lost interest in tracking when, on 1993, I switched from Amiga to PC (that would have been a lucky hit, according to some one :)), since FT1 was the only tracking program to arrive to souther Italy that days: a friend of mine told me about it, and he was almost the only one using Internet (via radio!!) in the whole city

The only reason I used IT over FT2 was incompatibility with my sound card. FT2 wouldn’t make any noise any any setting, but IT I could get making noise after fudging some settings. Easy choice there.

What you have to remember though is that there were very little options at the time when FT1 launched.
There were no ScreamTracker 3 etc. available, Future Crew used it as a proprietary tracker for quite some time before they released it.
Also FT1 had 8 channels if I remember correctly compared to at that time Screamtracker1 with 4 channels and ANSI-type GUI.
I would say that FT1 was one of the milestones in regard to trackers on the PC.

It could be, but if you were used to Amiga like me, you would have been very spoiled about the audioquality at that time, the warmth of the Paula chip compared to the chilling cold soundblaster (if you ever could afford one) or even the more worthless pc speaker. I was frankly surprised someone managed to squeeze this mod audio through such tiny tinned can dish so i could thank the person enough for having at least something at that time.
But FT1 was not really compatible with all soundcards… i had a Soundblaster clone and FT1 sucked big timewith this card, crashed out 9 out of ten times. Sure the gui looked slick and it had 8 tracks that’s why i got drawn to it in the first place, but i thanked Future Crew for releasing Screamtracker 3. I may not be too fair on the program by judging it for it response to the hardware i had back at that time, but every musician needs something usefull.
Let’s say that there were enough people doing the right job in developing a lot of good trackers on PC back in those days.
What i can say about FastTracker II is that it caused me to make my Amiga catch dust permanently from that moment on. (Also buying a Gravis Utrasound Max with 512KB memory and a good set of soundpatches helped a lot too.)

For me, the cycle was Screamtracker 3 in early 1996 (after my dad bought a Soundblaster 16 and a bunch of shareware cd’s), then soon after discovered Fasttracker II. I really liked the GUI and the sampler/area, better quality etc. I somehow felt limited when editing my music, I never settled with the tracking-part. In 1997 I got internet-connection and soon found Impulse Tracker and really appreciated the ST3-workflow of it and used it a couple of years. Then in 1999 I made the step over to working with midi, mainly Cubase. It took me a lot of time accepting that you couldn’t do all that you could in the tracker-world, but of course there were other qualities that I liked. When I changed to a PC in 2003 that could do proper ASIO use, I started using VST’s and VSTI’s. It’s first after this I’ve felt I’ve had real control over my sound again, and as found out about Renoise, I feel I’m really in control again. :) Happy ending! :D

i’m ELiTE

I built my own soundcard as described in FT1 manual.
The sound sucked, but hey, samples and above all I sucked, so that was enoguh :)

^^^^ interesting indeed. i wanna see that part ov manual also.

and i have been always wondering what kind ov that FT1 has been. so if somebody could upload screenshot or sumthing like that it would be dope. cheers!

I never tried IT actually… it was just about making music, I didn´t give
a rats ass about specs and possibilities… and FT2 did the job fairly well…
until windows decided you couldn’t have soundcard support in DOS and
somebody pointed me to SKALE TRACKER… you know who you are and
yes, I want you dead. I wasted over 20 tracks because it kept freezing,
destroying files like nobody´s business.

Any other EX SKALE TRACKERS here? How did YOU manage?
How often did you CUT YOUR HAIR FROM FRUSTRATION!? Especially
when I discovered Renoise was just around the corner all this time.

IT was never my kind of tracker. I moved from protracker (amiga) to Modedit (PC) and then to X-Tracker. I even was beta tester for XT32 but as I lost my web-connection I had to leave the beta group.

Too bad, DMF is dead…

ahahaha i’m proud of you guys ft2 vs it2 episodes are better than prison break… :yeah:

oh yeah, ft2 still pwns it2 tho B)

FT2 vs IT2 is like religion vs atheism… it’s impossible to change a persons opinion but we still try.

I happened to come across FT2 first and therefor I was never able to get used to the separated edit and play views in IT2, which later on also made it impossible for me to get in to Buzz (man did I hate Buzz…)

…oh and I almost forgot… IT2 sucks! Bring it! :)

I went from the amiga as well and yes amiga vs. pc at that time especially on the audio side was not even funny.
I bought a SB MCA for an IBM PS/2 PC, the mono cost as much as the stereo card for the ISA bus.
But compared with the pc bleeper it was a big improvement :D

Yep I was happy too when FC released it, but if you went from ST1 the move to FT1 was very nice.

Hey, same setup as me :yeah:

Not sure if I have FT1 laying around somewere but it was actually in the textfile that came with it.
It was just a ASCII drawing of how to built a soundcard for the paralell port :)

Fast Tracker II train, choo choo.

Formative years, I loved them.