Renoise Slave In Pro Tools

Running a brand spanking new installation of Windows 7, M-audio Firewire Audiophile, latest Pro Tools 8.04 update, latest drivers, 1.5GHz Core2Duo, 2Gb RAM, tons of HD space, etc. My computer is an Acer laptop.

If I rewire renoise in Pro Tools, as soon as I try to select a different mix than Master L/R (in the pro tools window), or if I touch any audio buffer settings, my entire system grinds to a halt. No error messages, no nothing. If I leave it running Master L/R for a while, it will work for a bit, then eventually, if the wind blows the wrong way, my system will crash without an error message and I will have to hard boot.

I can’t even say where/what the problem is, is it pro tools, the hardware, renoise… who knows… like I said everything is up to date, fresh installation, still not working… so just wondering if anyone else has done it. Oh yes, also the problem happens both with Renoise 2.5.1 and the latest beta 6.

If you have any suggestions, assume that I’ve been doing tech support professionally for years, and while I may have overlooked something obvious, that I do know my way around these things typically, so detailed suggestions are fine ;)

Ditched my PC and got a mac and now the above works smooth as silk in OS 10.6.4