Renoise Slot Machine

I’ve actually setup this thing for an own project, but I think this might come in handy for some of you.

What is it? It is a pretty small but very effective setup of a channel switch. That means, by hitting a key within a defined keyrange (on a single control channel) you mute the active channel and at the same time unmute the channel assigned to the key you hit. The demo file is setup for 8 channels (you have to switch to the Pre-Mixer view to see, what’s going on). The real burner is, this setup enables you to add/delete any number of channels you can handle by keyboard. The only thing you have to do, is to adjust the keytracker range and of course add the channels to the mixer. The rest integrates itself.

I’ve set this up for myself, to be able to flexibly switch between different channels in a complextro arrangement. But this might also be very usefull for some live action, because you could even combine several batteries. Another purpose would be to use it like Sugarbytes Artillery, routing a channel to different effect setups by a simple keystroke. And I’m really sure, there are more uses for this. :)


cool, good idea. i have to do a live accompaniment of a play in a couple of months. will have most of the music and fx set up beforehand of course, but will also have to do some real live effects. i might have some use for this. will remember its existence.

bit_arts, you’re going strong. keep on going! :D