Renoise (slow To Work And Produce)

Ufff, yesterday I have try to move my song from XM to Renoise and arrange it. Because when I wrote song I don’t do everything, I just put in tracks some melodies and rhytm which I felt sounds great. I must say doin this in Renoise it’s pain in the ass.
I have read and have see that authors of Renoise have in plan to add some better sequencer, arranging methods, something similirar to Buzz and other software but better (I hope), so can’t wait it.

Only thing is that most of composers, and most of the songs is not just bunch of notes, randomaly dropped to every track over and over again, otherwise you’re Mozart, but song has rhytm, melody, bass, guitar pattern which repeately repeat in the song.

So I don’t like to copy everything over and over again, if it’s always the same. Copying can make you errors and something you forget. I would like to compose rhytm:

and use this patterns in songs, without knowing what is inside of each pattern if I don’t want to change it.

OK, I must say that because I loose all night long to rearrange song, so I just wan’t to say, please make Renoise better and faster and easier to arrange.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m old Amiga tracker, from NoiseTracker, so I like trackers but we must go further and add this possibility to Renoise without changing anything, just add please this.

Thank you for reading, any comments are welcome.

if you did it in FT2 with no pain, what should be so painful to do in RNS?

well… you really have to…

…errr… this is Mozart’s music definition??? :blink:

let me say that I prefer Mozart’s music then… <_<

don’t worry, we never said we won’t add it anymore… :)

damn those viennese composers and their loopy acid techno. i was at a concert the other night and my friend was playing bass guitar with a drummer and flute player. they where just doing funk riffs and stuff, but the bassist is actually clasically trained. they were doing a p-funk cover when suddenly he busts into “musical invention” by bach.

everyone got their groove on. <_<

Sorry, I wron describe and my wishes overtakes me :), I like FT2 and Renoise producing, as I like trackers but don’t like arranging.

So as you say, just need to wait, and I can’t wait and hide my happiness when new version with this additional options come <_<.

Sooo, keep up the good work Renoise team.

And I don’t think that I’m bad composer, also don’t compose Techno/Dance, I producing rap, no matter, there is no style which describe and gave priority that composer is better because it’s uses some special style. Anyway, music is music, and the best producing and composing results I get with trackers, thankfully with Renoise now, and for arranging just waitin’ for new version.

you must have been insane, trying to post that in a renoise forum :P if you have a problem, i’m sure everyone on this board will be happy to discuss about it. what is needed is just a little patience before throwing flames.

anyways, likewise, i don’t see how much more difficult it was from ft2. i had no problems ‘migrating’ myself. anyway you came from the old amiga days, i’m sure you’re more or less familiar with the interface and pattern stuffs.

i don’t find buzz or other tools more intuitive actually… but it’d be interesting to see new ideas though :)

happy tracking

Yes, now I’m reading and I see that it looks stupid.

Anyway I stay with only one conclusion, I like trackers and like Renoise for producing because I’m familiar with trackers and it is very easy, but as I say Renoise need some new invention for arranging.

So if we take in mind that new version will have that we must say that arranging song in Renoise will be sooner perfect.

So paradoxic, what you say now :D ?

i’d say stick around the discussion boards and help input new ideas :) yeah! :yeah: