Renoise Song Files

Okay this isn’t strictly related to using Renoise, but I’m a beginner and this is a beginner question…

Why are songs available for DL so poorly organized?

I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but picture this:
I’m new to program, although I have extended experience in trackers of old, so now I’m looking for some great renoise songs to load into the program and feast my eyes upon elegance and tricks of skilled users.
First thing I find is that most of the songs are mp3 (understandable) but there is no way to filter only renoise files (not understandable), so I have to flip through pages of stuff to find the odd rns or xrns file.
Also most of the links are dead.

Maybe I’m just looking in all the wrong places? Please help, and excuse my noobishness.

we are working on reorganizing the songs section. please be patient.

in the meantime, some samples-only files are available at BeatBattle IV site:

also, in June we will release the BeatBattle V files.