ReNoise Song Player Library

I’ve done some looking around, but I can’t seem to find anything that would say that ReNoise has a software library for playing back ReNoise songs, is this true? I’d love to be able to play back .rns files directly in the software I’m writing rather than render to disk and include them. Would this be possible in any way using something from ReNoise or other Open Source libraries out there?

I’m currently working on macOS/iOS/tvOS if that is any help.


Yes its true, since it is way too complex and brings no real benefits over a mp3 ? :slight_smile:

How would that work? How would such a player handle VST and VSTi?

I’m looking at generating songs in real time, and with instrument based samples (I don’t use VST or VSTis) it could work along the lines of libmikmod, but for ReNoise source song files.

But then it would not be a general solution and only for for a fraction of all Renoise songs (those without VST effects and instruments). The ability to play a song would then also depend heavily on the performance of the machine, with more complex songs that use a lot of the Renoise internal effects using more CPU. So using Renoise effects would also not feasible. If we take all this out, then we effectively reduced it to a module format, for which a variety of players exist.

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maybe this is helpfull for you:

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even then you’d need a lib to 1:1 recreate every renoise dsp faithfully. I doubt the details/code be opened by the renoise crew, or product made because there is no real market.

in earlier days of game programming good music for games could be gained by tracker like sample playback libs - simple sound, but more effective than plastic fm opl3 midi, also lower file sizes, and mp3 wasn’t there already…like a real banging module with 8bit samples 250k vs some cheap midi shit that sounds different anywhere or bad mp3 that sounds like underwater…so choice was made for some games.

maybe if you want to be real retro, you can search old mod playback libs, but they will sound like…oldschool trackers and have no advanced dsp for you.

heck, if you just want your music to play in game use mp3 or similar codec. one reason to do what you want to do vs just using mp3 renders would mean a dynamic music system to adapt sounds to the game action. this be interesting, but I fear there is no renoise lib to do it for you. renoise still might be interesting for composition of the used elements, so if you like renoise to compose stuff, you can easily extract note and automation data from renoise songs, because files are saved in easily readable format.