Renoise Song Section

Has there been any talk about the renoise song section coming back? It’s such a great resource to have.

A serious XRNS repository would be very handy for beginners.

Yes, that would be great!

Yes, especially if you can reach it directly in Renoise. As a part of the file tab, for example.

That’s a slick idea.

It would also be pretty cool to have an instrument section that people could submit to and then have that section extend into Renoise as well.

Thinking about this more, it probably could be easily done with LUA. The sections would just have to be opened on the website and then additional development could be done by us to get it working in the app.

would love it. so +1
(not really the right subforum tho, is it?)

I felt weird posting it in ideas & suggestions because it’s not something new. Should I?