Renoise Songs With Feeling

Changes. A sad song made after a loss in my life. Raw, noisey, pure emotion.

I think that song is a great example. Great Job. Love the synth line.

What a perfect thread to spam my latest emo-creation!

Yoewalk - Distant Streetlights

Thanks for all the replies people. I seemed to have shut him up after the first wave of replies so hopefully he realised he was being stupid.

This guy is into electronic music and DJs the likes of techno and dubstep so how he could be so blinkered is strange. Must say his own productions so far are some of the blandest I’ve heard. Not sure what he’s been using though…

Keep 'em coming!!
I released this track a while ago: Kys Mit Blodrøde Smil,
was told it has a big ‘emotion’ factor


She uses Renoise. Makes really good dubstep. (the minimal, ambient type rather than the de-tuned distorted square-wave LFO filter wobbly type)

thanks for the link. this is great stuff. i really love the high grade mix of “fever”.
and i’m usually not into dubstep at all, but that seems to account only for the wobbly bass stuff.