Yoewalk - Distant Streetlights

Good morning guys,

I finally managed to create new chillout tune and I must say that this is the most beautiful production I’ve ever managed to spit out in Renoise. A birthday present for my girlfriend…


Genre: Chillout
Duration: 5:37

This is almost amazing but a few things hold it back for me…

The pads are just beautiful, lush and nicely textured. The piano that comes in is just a little too disruptive for the mood: perhaps try something with more softness to it like a muted rhodes or some invented instrument. The beat that comes in feels a bit white-bread and unchanging or un-grooved. It also sits a little too forward in the mix further breaking the relaxation.

Has a little bit of a John Hopkins feel. Again those pads are just great, and the little sine bit at the end is touching too.

Well that’s a sweet birthday present!!

I agree with “Foo?” about the piano.
The rest sounds fine to me!

Actually why not try to remove the piano from the beginning completely, wouldn’t make the song any lesser imo. The second pianopart is just fine, and so are the drumtracks.

I know the piano’s sound isn’t the best one but I just couldn’t get it any better. And I can’t start changing a birthday present you know ;)

I’m not too good at making breakbeats, I tried to create many different loops, this was the first that sounded decent enough so I decided to stick with it.