Renoise Soundcloud 2017 Playlist

Renoise Soundcloud 2017 Playlist

Starting in 2015 I have posted a similar thread each year to this group and thankfully everybody joined in. It gives some well needed exposure to the more unknown Renoise music creators out there.

Please post your own personal favorite Renoise song you have released on Soundcloud in 2017.

I will create a playlist on soundcloud consisting of these renoise composers tracks.

The First 20 submissions will be included in my playlist.

Looking forward to your submitions!

Infinite love and happiness!

Daniel Barton a.k.a. HeartBeatHero

Thank you for doing this again, Daniel!

Here’s a song that I like a lot, though it was never really popular out there

Great, thank you very much :slight_smile:

This would be my contribution:

Happy new year!

Only finished two this year :frowning:

I guess this would be it for me :slight_smile:

Decided to start a new soundcloud account, hoping the spam got sorted out since I was gone. Anyway this is the only track I have up for now, you can use it for the playlist.

Thanks Daniel

Just like the last year, I concentrated on the most appreciated and favourite song I have made in 2017, although I haven’t been that productive the last year. Thanks for creating such an opportunity :slight_smile:

Thanks for making this list!

I put 3 tracks out on soundcloud this lastyear, in 3 days. I think this is the one I like most.

Thanks to HeartBeatHero for perpetuating this awesome tradition!

For me this year was the year with the highest number of live acts (4) and the lowest number of tracks posted on soundcloud (only 1!).

I’m a bit disappointed of myself but I can’t miss this event. Here’s my track :

I wish the best for everyone on this year.


Maybe this one :slight_smile: , thx

Just like we talked on another section of the forum, here is my contribution :

I’m fresh to using Renoise, and this is the very first track 100 % Renoise-made that I think I can be proud enough of. Hope you enjoy the hardest styles :wink:

Hi guys! This is a small summer story inspired by the sound of 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko comet and Major Briggs` deed. Blue Rose for everyone : )

Thank you very much!!
This is it:


Is the playlist done? I would love to share it.


Thanks guys for adding your tunes to this thread.

Please like, share and repost this list, giving some well deserved to support to other Renoise composers.

Infinite love and happiness!


Reposted on my facebook and my soundcloud.

Thanks to everyone!