Renoise spectrum analyzer is AMAZING to improve your singing skills

Okay, can we agree that the Renoise spectrum is the most beautiful of its kind?

I’m starting to learn how to sing. It has been only two weeks and I already know/learned:

  • My vocal range (tenor).
  • Exactly at which note my chest voice breaks into head voice.
  • Better breath support,
  • Singing the exact note I want (placing the cursor first) and keeping it stable.

It has also helped me to start developing my timbre, I have gathered different acapellas I like as references and I noticed that my voice sounds kinda weak because I was lacking 2nd - 4th order harmonics, so using different techniques I’m learning to make them stand out. It’s really fun monitoring your mic, looking at the spectrum and watching your voice follow the acapella, I’ve hit notes I didn’t even thought possible.

  • Don’t forget to set the block size to 8192! :wink:
  • Remember A5 is actually A4.