Renoise Splash Screen

Is it by any chance possible to modify the renoise splash screen?

or start without?

To modify what exactly?

I like the splash screen :(

I think he means to change the thing in the image like you can do with the Windows welcome screen. To get a personal look i guess?

Ofcourse not, unless you hack the executable.
I doubt anyone gets the chance to do anything with the splash screen at all.
The splash screen is not a feature.

Yeah, thats what I meant. I’m just askin’ - I don’t want no trouble about it ^_^

well, you’re too fuckin’ late now! there will be trouble, i can assure you!

boarding doors an windows, shivering my sox off :ph34r:

as far as i know modifying the exe will cause it to not start due to the anti-crack protections used.

“leave the splash alone!” (quote)

all your splahes are belong to us

You can hold a rectangular paper up to the screen when you launch Renoise, works best with one eye closed.

Otherwise, no. The splash screen can’t be changed.

Actually, yes. By replacing the bitmap resource ID 102 in the executable, with, e.g., Resource Hacker. Possible even with the registered version. Although opening the sealed screws likely voids your warranty :)

Ceiling cat is watching u musicate :P

made me giggle

Oh God, now zillions of renoise lolcats are going to be posted around the forums made from that image.