Renoise Steplfo Tricks


i’ve fixed together some small 5minute tutorial video demonstrating how one could use the lfo as a stepsequencer
or alike with effects, samples or vsti’s which don’t have a steplfo.

As seen in the video i always use the CUSTOM Waveform in the lfo, with a length wich fits/matches the patternlength.

Also i use an LPC which fits the pattern length best. Besides that, i always use the x700 command in every pattern
to resync the lfo with every pattern. One could also resync the lfo every 16th row, in other words every bar.
but that isn’t really necessary if you match the LPC and customwaveform length to your needs.

You can either use Points, Linear or Cubic shaping in the Custom Waveform window, depends on
the needs of Attack/Release of the effect you’d like to achieve.

I hope this crap is sort of understandable and you guys can do something funny with it.
A guy on #renoise mentioned the X/Y Device for Live acts with this lfo stepping would
be a great idea… :dribble:

Check it out!! ;)


Stupid question. What program do you use to record your monitor output? ^_^ Nice work btw, but still the basics(you did know I guess).

well ye ofcourse it’s basics … but somebody suggested to put this on youtube. ;)

camtasia is the tool

An excellent free alternative to Camtasia is CamStudio, which I have used many times to successfully capture Renoise activity.


i have also tried camstudio but it had some weird problems with codecs or so and didn’t want to work on my system :frowning:
in overall i’ve tried 4 capture tools and only camtasia worked ‘well’ …