Renoise stops showing up as a Rewire device in ACID after update

I just got 3.4.1 and now Renoise doesn’t appear as a Rewire device in ACID. This could also be Magix’s fault because ACID is so buggy but it did work before the update. I just need to sync the transports.

It is probably Magix fault. Did you already have a look at

Yes, it is probably on Magix. Renoise isn’t working as an Ableton slave either tho.

Anyway, rewire is discontinued protocol.


I know :sob:

Is your Acid version a real 64 bit one? If not, you can try running the 32 bit Version of Renoise and the 32 bit Version of Acid and have a look if Rewire will operate. Of course you’ll need Jbridge in addition, but most Vst plug-ins already are problematic regarding to Acid.

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