Renoise Suddenly Decides It Wont Play Mp3S Any More

Hey guys whats up, hope someone can help.

Today for no reason at all my version of Renoise (2.5.1 registered) decided seemingly out of the blue that it didnt want to load mp3s any more. From now on, every time I try to preview/load an mp3 file it simply says ‘Failed to load *.mp3 for reading’ with no other explanation and that’s it. I havent messed around with any settings or anything, it just suddenly decided to stop working today. (Maybe it has something to do with an external program I may have installed/uninstalled? IDK?)

So I hope someone out there can help me resolve this… it is pretty urgent as I need to use mp3 acapellas a lot for what I’m doing, so it’s not really something I can live without. Any help will be much appreciated.

Aside from that, just wanted to say that Renoise is the best music software ever!! :drummer:

Renoise depends on QuickTime or QuickTime alternative to load mp3s on Windows and OSX. It’s a patent issue.

Good luck,

Jeez! That was quick, I wasnt expecting a response til tomorrow, let alone 5 minutes! lol

Well that explains it… earlier on I had a pop-up saying ‘There is a new version of Quicktime available, do you want to install?’ to which I clicked yes and let it do its thing… so that would be why. But do you know what I should do now? Try and re-install an old version or something? Thanks.

Well, if it doesn’t work with newer versions of QuickTime then it’s a bug with Renoise.

Are you sure this is the case? Have you tried rebooting?

Can you share what version of windows and quicktime you’re using now?

To get MP3 functionality back… I dunno. I guess install an old version if you can. Or, look for “Quicktime Alternative” on the web.

I’m using Vista and the Quicktime I installed is (30 Sep 2010). I guess perhaps this is a lesson for all Renoise users not to install this version, unless they don’t care about using mp3s in Renoise (?). I dont know but ever since I installed it I’ve been having problems.

I don’t think rebooting will do much, the problem seems to be QT itself. I guess what I’ll have to do then is look around for old versions on their site, uninstall, re-install one of those, reboot, and then try again. -_-

Uhghghhhh… OK well I’ll get back and let you know what happens. Thanks for your help.