Renoise supports Roland Zenology (VST software synt)?

Hello, I discover Roland Zenology and I tried to load it in Renoise but I can´t get it to detect the VST.

Plug-In Formats:
VSTi 3.6 (64 bit)

Renoise compatible formats (from your web):

Somebody got it to work?


On Mac the AU version should work without problems.

But for Windows it’s only a VST3 version. Renoise normally doesn’t support VST3 , but there’s a little trick, that lets you also load VST3 in Renoise. Just download and unpack this zip file:

then open the “Gear” folder and there open the “Vst” folder. Then copy these 3 files to your VST plugins folder where your DAW searches for new VST Plugins:


Then install your Roland VST3 plugin into the regular VST3 plugins folder (C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3). It should automatically install there. You are forced to install VST3 plugins there, this can’t be changed like with VST2 plugins. Then start Renoise and scan for new Plugins. Renoise should now be able to load all installed VST3 plugins.

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Thanks you for your great response, but I can´t get it to work.

I created a folder with the 3 files you said, and I did set it on Renoise VST config, to only search on this folder (to avoid confusion with other VSTs).

Previously I installed Roland Zenology and it was installed where you said (this made me crazy yesterday, searching where was installed the VST3).

When I run Renoise it only find 1 VST Effect (shell.x64), 0 VST instruments. After it I realized that on Roland Cloud Manager there is the Instruments to be “installed”, but it only have a link to Download (not “Install”) and I don´t know how to install it.

It refers to this page in how to install:

But, in the Zenology column there isn´t a “how to install” link.

By example, I downloaded “SuperNatural Acoustic Piano”. In Roland Cloud Manager, under Account, there is “Preferences”. It have a field to enter a personalized path to install the Instruments. I pasted here the downloaded “SuperNatural Acoustic Piano”, but Renoise don´t find any Instrument yet.

I am stuck with it. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

I am having the same issue, though when I try and scan the folder renoise crashes, it picked up all of my extra plugins but none of the roland cloud instruments which is frustrating, would love to use a juno with this.