Renoise & Sync While Scrolling / Playing

Original Post(!) End 2009/ begin 2010 -Syncproblem ReNoise-: (found)

Seems, because ReNoise sends “realtime”- i[/i]Sync while “scrolling by playing” (Trackview) under some circumstances Slave-Plugs and other slaves (audio-recorder/-sequencers) became in trouble with Discstreaming (HD-overload)/ sometimes audiobuffer!. Other Plugs / Slaves are going “Out of sync”, rarly some plugs crash´s!
Is there a chance to switch “realtime-sync OFF while scrolling” in Playmode??" / or to send a kind of “stop- /breakmessage” to slaves like MOST other Hosts/sequencers do by default??

Has definitly nothing to to with plugs / slaves itselve. Ok, or we have NOT to scroll in trackview while ReNoise is playing :unsure:

that’s a feature man, pattern following.

if a plugin doesn’t work with it,
while scrolling with it on,
then it means you just can’t do that.

Well if you want to edit stuff while playing, that is actually the original background reasoning for the “Pattern Follow” mode.

that’s a feature man, pattern following.

this I would never have thought. Thought, that pattern-following is a helpfull standard-feature to follow the pattern for realtime-edit (and to see same time exact actual position in pattern).

if a plugin doesn’t work with it, while scrolling with it on, then it means you just can’t do that.

Thanx, this helps because this I would never have thought too ;)

Yes and it´s a fine, very usefull and really “important” feature. But actually don´t unfortunately work smoothly with some slaves (Plugs / ReWireSlaves / Ext. Hardware-Slaves)

I think, will be fine if “sometimes” (not urgently) you can implement that user maybe can switch between: “scrolling while playing with or without sending realtime-“position”-sync while scrolling”. “Without realtime-position-sync” (you know what I mean) is normally/mostly standard in host´s.
This little switch quite certainly will fix all other problems we are talking about in other threads too. And we have not to worry about it anymore :D

Thank you. So maybe it´s better to move this thread now in the other forum: “Ideas & suggestions”.

Are you aiming for ReWire here? because you are talking about plugs in your first post.
When it regards ReWire, the Audio preferences are altered to offer specific Sync changes regarding synchronisation between Renoise and other host if Renoise is set up as slave:

Perhaps these settings could also be allowed work from inside the ReWire device (if they are added then).


I´m Talking about, that the problem happens with:
Plugs (like BPM) AND ReWire-Slave (like PH Record) AND Slaves connected via internal MAC-MIDI AND external Slaves (connected via MIDI-Out / USB). In all this cases I´m talking about: ReNoise is Master/host.

If ReNoise is Slave, or you remote ReNoise via a ReWire application (does´nt matter wether master OR slave) no problems I decribed happens anymore. This because hosts handles it as my (now maybe:) feature suggestion for ReNoise.
Problem: because kind of work it´s often not handy to let ReNoise work as slave. (has nothing to do with ReNoise)

I wrote an email about this and difference directly to ReNoise-support (german and english).

With this new thread I only wanted to clear out, if there is actually really no mode-switch. AND that I´m really shure now why all this problems happens.

AND I would be pleased very much if you can move this thread now to “ideas and suggestions” so we/ReNoisers don´t loose this idea / this fix.