Renoise Sync With External Multi-tracker

Hi there

Renoise nooby here (but I have been reading and searching!)

yesterday I bought a Korg D888 multitracker - This was mainly for some non-computer music (guitars etc), but I also have been doing some tracks in Skale tracker (samples and MIDI) etc. Skale does not have any Midi time clock sync support I dont think, so I found renoise.

But I am stuck now. I have read up on the syncing but either I am doing something wrong, or I have misunderstood the concept, so hopefully someone can explain it very clearly for me :slight_smile:

Basically, I would want to record each channel of a song in renoise seperately to the Korg (either samples, or sounds from midi stuff), then I can mix down on the Korg, and add any vocals or stuff there.

So, is it possible for me to some how start recording on the Korg, and either have it auto-start the song in renoise, or is it just that I can start recording, and then press play in renoise and with midi clock it should sync the beats?

More info that I forget to post:

The Korg only works as MIDI Master, and only has MIDI out. In renoise, I set the MIDI clock slave to be my soundcard MIDI. If I hit play or rec on the multi-tracker, I get no sync LED or midi LED flashes in renoise :frowning: … But if I try this in Skale, I do see the MIDI in lights flash - so the Korg is defiantly sending something. Any Ideas why renoise is not seeing this ?


seems what you have wrote so far is right.

there is a small clock button next to where the ‘BPM’ is,
its in the top left hand side. to the left of the ‘BPM’

that is the midi clock slave button to init renoise into midi slave mode.
so once you have your preferences set, you turn it into slave by using that button.

maybe that helps?

Sorry, I forgot to say that - I have done been doing that.


Also need check,
Edit (top left menu) > Preference > MIDI > MIDI Clock Slave > In Device.