Renoise T Shirt!

just ordered mine. can’t wait to get it in the post.

Where do you order it from??…amp;op=articles

Have mine already. :dribble:

nice :)

especially the bag…

wow where is this come from, I can’t see a link to the mechandise on the renoise site.

does the money goes to the devs of renoise?
because I would gladly give them some extra credit for their efford.
1.8 is just sooo beautiful… :eek:

It’s at the bottom of the ORDER page, RENOISE WEAR:

The shop has been put silently on the order-page for a long time being already…
The shop itself even exists longer than the link was posted ;)

I’m gunning for your job buddy!


i actually won a renoise t-shirt in one of these renoise music compos… but i still didnt receive one :)
never actually seen someone with a renoise t-shirt.


Hmmz, funny to read because that particular thing has been mentioned in one of the discussions regarding the shop…
So it hasn’t been forgotten yet, but still some1 needs to be reminded again to do this…

Too bad the shop doesn’t have a preview.

Funny, I was looking at the page on my laptop and it didn’t show any pictures. Text only. then I get home to my stationary and all the pictures are there. I use the exact same software on both computers…
Maybe it was the connection at school that was going crazy. :unsure:

So, don’t mind me, my laptop(or host) is just nuts :blink:

i know the SHOP is actually capable of delivering the T-Shirts, since i’ve seen CosmicFMQ(maybe misspelled, sry) and P.Trance boozing around @evoke with one of these shirts.

got mine today! :D :D :D

seeing as some one wants to see how they look i’ll take a photo with it on, hold on.

Lol, string thongs with the renoise logo… maybe something for my gf :D

I’ve posted a picture of my shirt here some weeks ago

Admit it, it’s for you.

I think I’ll get me a thong:

This f****ing awesome!

how do i get one of these shipped to the u.s.? no option for it in the country select. though all things considered i would understand why.

i must flex the renoise sexxxy on my chest.